Pet Sitter and Dog Walker in Silver Spring

Meet MIke!

Hello all! My name is Michael Schmidt (I prefer Mike) a twenty seven year old pet sitter living in the Silver Spring Metro area. I am a 2009 graduate of James Hubert Blake High School. After high school I attended St. Mary’s College of Maryland graduating in 2014 with a degree in economics. While in college, I participated in many extracurricular activities. I was a four year NCAA student athlete (Baseball), co-host of Seahawk Radio, intramurals referee, and employee of St. Mary’s Sports Information Department. Upon graduating I took an analyst position with Morgan Stanley. After spending three years at Morgan Stanley I left and changed my career completely. In 2018 I obtained my personal training certification and started my own business, Schmidt Fit! 


Ever since I can remember I had an affinity and love for dogs. Growing up my family had a half German Shepherd half Golden Retriever named Roxy. She is now twelve and still living life to the fullest. In college I spent some of my summers dog sitting/walking. I’ve sat/dog walked all sizes and breeds of dogs. Sometimes more than one dog at a time. After graduating college I’ve had two dogs of my own. Both female Pit bulls (lots of energy!). Since early 2018 I have picked dog walking back up to supplement my income as my personal training business grows. I’ve sat for elderly dogs with special diet requirements (literally cooked them meals) to an energetic husky that needs to be exercised constantly. So whatever your dog's personality and temperament may be, I can handle anything.