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A Day in the Life of a Dog Walker

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

A Day In the LIfe of A Dog Walker

It all started when I moved to Arlington, Va from San Diego , California, with my 2 dogs in tow. I have always been passionate about animals, but never dreamed I could make that my career without years of Veterinary school!

After meeting a neighbor who made her living walking the neighborhood dogs, and having difficulty finding someone I trusted to walk my own dogs while I was at work, I decided to quit my “day job” cold turkey, and give this a go!

Fast forward 10 years and after selling my very successful dog walking business in No Va, I have moved to Montgomery County MD and find myself lucky enough again to start a business here walking dogs and caring for pets.

My day can start as early as 7am with vacation visits for a client that is out of town. I head to the house to greet the dogs, who are barking and jumping wildly at the sight of me! After a restful night of sleep for them, they are ready to face their day with breakfast and a good run around their yard, followed by a walk.

My day then continues for my clients who’s parents are at work. The are my mid day dog walking clients, that need a little fresh air, exercise and poddy break while their parents are at work for 8-10 hours a day. I can be driving generally in a 10 mile radius to visit a variety of dogs. Their visits can be anywhere from a quick 15 minute potty break for my senior dogs that cant go far, to a 30 minute walk for my younger more energetic fur clients.

After my mid days, there can be a cat visit or two thrown in the mix as their owners are away on vacation. Although my cat clients are pretty independent, they enjoy having a visitor come give them some love and attention. Their visits consist of feeding them, changing their water and cleaning their litter box, and then plenty of love and attention.

After that its back to the vacation dog visits to feed them dinner and give them an afternoon walk for some exercise and to get them some fresh air.

They will get visited once more at bedtime, for an additional walk, and be tucked in for bed!

The walks occur in rain, sleet or snow, so watching the weather daily is a must and a big part of the job! You have to be prepared for any kind of weather, knowing these babies count on you and wait for you daily! I have a box in my car that contains rain boots, an umbrella, snow boots, hat, gloves and a scarf. Living in the North East during the winter, you cant be too prepared!

The best feeling in the world is arriving at my clients house and being greeted with much love excitement and tons of kisses! They are always happy to see you. Its amazing how smart these fur clients are, they know what time you are arriving, and they count on that everyday, and are there waiting for you! It’s a very rewarding feeling knowing you can help families work or travel worry free, by taking care of their fur loves while they are gone. Helping people and animals have always been my calling and this job enables me to accomplish both!

I could never go back to a “day job”, There are plenty of challenges for a dog walker and its not for the faint of heart; tons of poop pick up, cleaning up any accidents that have occurred in the house, walking in inclement weather, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Having the independence of setting my own schedule and being able to helps pets and their owners daily is very rewarding!

For more information about dog walking, or if you are in need of 5 star pet care, please contact Tina Minden at 301 798 7999, or tina@mddogwalking.com. Visit our website to learn more about what we offer at www.mddogwalking.com. Don’t forget to like our facebook page and follow us on instagram! tinapaws53,

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