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Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker vs Non Professional, and How to Know the Difference.

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

When you want the best care for your pets, you should always hire a sitter or a dog walker that is a professional vs someone that does it as a hobby or on the side. It seems these days everywhere you look there is another ad, or post somewhere advertising someone that is looking to earn extra cash pet sitting or dog walking. It can be someone in your neighborhood, or a friend even. So how do you know who you can trust, and who you should hire?

Here are some helpful tips that tell you the difference between a Professional Pet Sitter or Dog Walker, vs someone that does it as a hobby or on the side. This info and More help can be found at https://www.petsit.com/owners

Here is a quick comparison between a professional vs someone that does this as a hobby or side job.

A Professional Pet Sitter/Dog Walker:

* Has a local business license. This is what they do as their primary job and they take it very seriously.

* They also will have their own insurance, and may have bonding as well.

* They ask their clients to complete a contract.

* They ask their clients to complete paperwork, all pertinent information is needed about their pet and home and emergency contacts.

* They use a professional pet sitting software product. This product usually has GPS for dog walkers- it will tell you when they arrived and when they left, and where they went on the walk.

* They are a trained pet care professional and should have plenty of experience behind them.

* They belong to NAPPS or PSI, both very trusted names in the professional pet sitting and dog walking industry. https://www.petsit.com https://www.petsitters.org

* This is their primary business, your pets are their priority and their career!

A non professional/ someone that does pet sitting or dog walking as a hobby or “on the side” :

* They are not a business and do not have a license.

* They post on a pet sitter or dog walker app or website, or on neighborhood sites. (no website of their own, or business name.)

* They do not have insurance coverage and are not bonded.

* They don’t have paperwork or contracts, but instead just jot down quick details about your pet.

* They don’t belong to any trusted professional pet sitting groups.

* They may love pets, but they have not pursued this as a career, and they do not have the experience behind them.

* They offer pet care or dog walking as a side job, to earn extra money, they are not pursuing a career in pet sitting or dog walking.

When your pets need care while you are at work or traveling be sure to only hire a professional.

As the pet industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, it’s important that you do the appropriate research and ask the right questions and give your pets the best care.

If you need advice or help finding the right person for your fur love don’t hesitate to call me at 301 798 7999, or email tina@mddogwalking.com. I have been in the business for 10 years .

Be sure to view my website as well for more helpful information on what we offer and our service areas

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