Another specialty at MD dog walking is offering visits for your senior pets.
Senior pet care visits include: helping your dog up and down stairs if needed,
helping your dog in and out of the house for potty breaks, medication
administration including injections if needed. The owner is extremely
experienced in senior care having two senior dogs of her own and caring
for many senior dogs over the years. She can give insulin injections, check
blood glucose level, give IV’s and any other care needed to keep you free
of worry while you are at work or away.

Consultations: $20

Every client will be required to schedule a consultation prior to any visits starting. This will allow you and your pet to get to know us better,  and begin to build a lasting relationship. The consultation will consist of a meet and greet with the owner of the company as well as your pet nanny. We will answer any questions you may have, get full instructions, go over any training you would like covered during the visits, as well as choosing the best schedule and visit times for you and your pet. You will be asked to furnish two keys at this time, or a code to enter your home. If 2 keys are furnished, one will be kept with the walker, and the other in the office in case of emergency. 


15-minute recurring/daily  visit =$15           

15 minutes as you go/occasional visit= $18
20 min recurring/daily  visit =$18                 

20 minutes as you go/occasional visit= $20
30 minute recurring/daily visit =$22           

30 minutes as you go/occasional visit = $25    

Injection fee: $5 per injection.  Medication administration -

Included with the visit.  IV Administration - $10 plus the time needed to stay until IV is finished.